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About SchoolMaster™

The Ultimate School Administration
& Assessment Software
What Is SchoolMaster?

SchoolMaster is an Administration and Assessment program that has been written over a number of years in conjunction with many schools all over New Zealand. The program has already been installed in over 170 schools all over the country with great results. Many of these schools have taken the opportunity to add their expertise and knowledge to the program which has made SchoolMaster a program which is extremely comprehensive and versatile, yet simple enough for everybody to use- and we are really proud of our newly released Version 4.

Why SchoolMaster?

So why SchoolMaster? What makes SchoolMaster a better option for your school than other packages that claim to do the same-why look at this one?”

We believe the main reason for choosing SchoolMaster is that your staff will use it!

Although SchoolMaster comes with a fully integrated and very extensive Administration package, it is the assessment section which causes SchoolMaster to stand apart from all other programs. Assessment nowdays is an area that schools are having to devote more and more time to. And the information is of such a nature that for it to be truly useful, teachers need to be able to readily access it at any time with ease. SchoolMaster’s assessment section was written with that in mind. We wanted teachers to feel comfortable enough to use the program for themselves and this is exactly what is happening in schools all over New Zealand, from those with under 30 students to those with more than 700 students.

Available Modules

There are two modules to SchoolMaster:


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Student Self-Assessment and Parental access to reports, if the schools wishes this, are planned for the future.

Latest Versions

Though SchoolMaster 3 currently runs only on Macintosh computers, version 4 is now fully cross platform.

The program is Y2K compliant and has been approved by the Ministry of Education for the March and July returns.

SchoolMaster 4 is the latest version and is a complete rewrite of the original system. Workflow has been improved and many new powerful and easy to use functions have been incorporated in the new version.

We are dedicated to improving SchoolMaster and bringing you the best product, service and pricing.

Trial Versions

If you would like to assess SchoolMaster 4, you can download a trial limited version.